Hack The Camp

October 30, 2016

Refugee and Integration Challenges


Programmers, designers, social entrepreneurs, humanitarian workers, educators, artists and other interested professionals are invited to work together and find sustainable and scalable solutions for and with refugees and migrants in Greece. How can we improve living conditions for refugees? How can they access reliable information on their legal status? What kind of opportunities are available or can be created for refugees? How can we tap on the many skills that moving populations bring with them? How can populations in transit and local populations come closer and develop an intercultural dialogue?


Hack the camp is a hackathon that focuses on refugees and improving their quality of life during this brutal crisis. This event is organized by the Impact Hub Athens, the Onassis Cultural Center and the U.S. Embassy in Athens and it is in two parts. The first part took place on 21 & 22 of October, where the participant makers got briefed, pitched ideas and formed groups. The second part will be 6 weeks later on the 2-4 of December, where the selected teams will prototype their idea and present their projects to a Judging Panel.

The facilitators of this event, Creative Associates and International Alert, are two international organizations with long experience in humanitarian-related hackathons and will act also as consultants and moderators. Microsoft is contributing monetary rewards, as well as, software and devices to help towards the success of this initiative. Last but not least, the GFOSS is also a great supporter of the event along with Open Technologies Alliance; an ongoing collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Center.

Our organization took part and considered a number of ways to help the refugees through the makerspace. Free access to the tools and education available, designing solutions and help produce a small income through making, have been a few of them. In the process we collaborated with two other NGOs. Another recently emerged greek makerspace close to Ioannina, Habibi.Works, and Khora a Community Centre in Athens that focuses in creating a space for people with a diverse set of backgrounds and cultures providing all kinds of support.

Meet The Hackers:
21-22 OCT 2016

Hack The Camp:
2-4 DEC 2016

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